The Bastion of Twlight - THERALION & VALIONA

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The Bastion of Twlight - THERALION & VALIONA  Empty The Bastion of Twlight - THERALION & VALIONA

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They share threat and health. Threat does not reset when one of them goes in the air or when one of them lands.

----Theralion - Ground:
1.Engulfing Magic - When cast Theralion mimics the damage and healing you do and does shadow damage equal to it to raid members within 10 yards.
2.Fabulous Flames - spits fire on the ground that deals 10-11k shadow damage per second.

----Theralion - Air:
1.Dazzling Destruction - Puts swirling ground effects on the ground, after 5 seconds these deal 487k-512k damage to everyone in the zone.
2.Twlight Blast - Deals 19-20k damage to shadow damage to enemies within 8 yards of the target.

----Valiona - Ground:
1.Blackout - Dispellable debuff placed on a player, absorbs 20,000 healing and when dispelled or expired causes 250,000 shadow damage split between all nearby players.
2.Devouring Flames - Valiona faces a random player, casts for 3 seconds then engulfs half the room in flames that inflict 100000 Shadow damage to enemies in front of Valiona. Devouring Flames inflicts less damage to enemies the farther away they are from Valiona.

----Valiona - Air:
1.Twlight Meteorite - Debuff placed on a raid member which after 6 seconds causes 117k-123k damage to enemies, damage is split to those near the target.
2.Deep Breath - Casts Twilight Flames which inflict 14k to 15k shadow damage every second and sends the target into the twlight realm.


Phase 1: Valiona grounded, Theralion airborne.

Theralion will fly into the air when pulled, Valiona will melee players. Players should be in a tight circle around Valiona so as to run through her when she casts Devouring Flames.

Players need to spread out for Twilight Blast, but quickly group up when Blackout is cast so it can be safely dispelled.

After two Blackouts Theralion will cast Dazzling Destruction, causing instant death to any players hit. After three waves he will land and Valiona will take off. Another Blackout will come during Dazzling Destruction.

Phase 2: Valiona airborne, Theralion grounded.

Players should form a melee camp and a ranged camp so that Twilight Meteorite does not kill anyone, while strafing together for Fabulous Flames. Players who receive Engulfing Magic should move away, unless forced to stay due to being the target of a Twilight Meteorite in which case they should stop all casting.

After two Engulfing Magics Valiona will take a deep breath and fill one third of the room with flames. This occurs in an identical fashion to Felmyst in Sunwell Plateau.

After Deep Breath Valiona will land, Theralion will take off and the fight will reset to phase 1. Enrage timer is 10 minutes.


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The Bastion of Twlight - THERALION & VALIONA  Empty Re: The Bastion of Twlight - THERALION & VALIONA

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