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Post  Ishamail Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:45 pm

Hey guys, First off let me start by by Saying Gratz on downing Al'Akir and if you aint done him yet then Bad Guild. Very Bad Guild Razz

Well Im just posting here to update you on the world of RL....For those unfamiliar its like a different wow thats free to play but worse when it comes to grinding gold Sad
So here goes....I spent last week completly smashed through drinking.....and I mean like all of lasst week. I got to meet some family I never met before and They are Irish and Love to drink....I on the other hand am not as capable as they with storing it away XD
Ive had lotsa time to enjoy small things like convorsations, the thingy that keeps interupting my TV programmes (I think they call them Adverts), And Ive been waking up with the birds....So In short I really wanna get my sub going again but I am thinking it will be a further month before I can return Sad

Hows thingss with all of you?

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Post  Amourus Sat Apr 09, 2011 5:17 pm

Hey ish! Nice to hear from you. Have much i can wright down here to you, but am at work right now and dont got the time, just now. Hopefully i will get in some letters here tomorrow!
Anyway, good luck whit youre economy! We miss you cheers

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