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Grag Music.  Empty Grag Music.

Post  The Grag Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:15 am

Hey there.

I thought I'd might share some music making with ya.
These are for my upcoming Album that hopefully will be ready in the summer.
I'm cowriting it with a friend who focus on lyrics. There will be spoken word and real vocals.

I thought It might be fun to post the current versions and when ever I update one, I'll post
that one instead, with a few notes to what I've done with it.

If it's not that interesting to you, then it is to me at least Smile

If you decide to download these songs, please don't spread them (even though that might be wishful thinking that anyone actually would like to hehe)

LiTHiC - Album name ???

LiTHiC - Error (Intro) -

LiTHiC - Unsure -

LiTHiC - Second to None -

LiTHiC - I Wonder... -

LiTHiC - Over and Under -
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