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Your application should look like this

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Your application should look like this  Empty Your application should look like this

Post  Dreb Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:29 pm

(thanks to Drebinglock for letting me borrow this Razz)

Name, race, class and level of your main character.
Drebinglock, Blood Elf, Paladin, 80.

Real life age 18+.
19 (?)

[b]WoW Experience (how long you have been playing, what content you have seen etc)

I've been playing for about 3 years. During this time I've raided very little dungeons before Northrend excelt Karazhan and BT. Northrend raid experience includes all the raids except EoE. I know tactics for 11/12 bosses in ICC and I know all the other tactics there are.

Availability (roughly how much you play each week, most important if you keep very strange hours)
Available usually 5-7 days a week, I play for hours on end unless I have something els to do ofc. And if I do have something else to do I will inform you of it with due notice.

Do you know anyone in the guild? Who and how?
I know everyone in the guild, I'm a popular fella ;D

Why do you want to join?
I want to enjoy the game with people that are equal minded to me and who like to have fun while progressing through the game.

What's your favorite WoW moment that you have come across?
Finally downing raid bosses that we have been stuck on for weeks on end, the feeling is amazing. And of me: Pubcrawls on vent at 3 in the morning.

Something about yourself in general. (Personality, interests, spectacular stuff you have done or whatever you feel would be interesting)
WoW Goals. (if you have specific plans/aims in the game)
I'm easy to get along with, other games I like playing are CoD MW2 on the Xbox and later this year I hope to play stargate worlds. Idone boxing for three years and won awards from go-karting which is also a hobby of mine.

My WoW goals are to complete all raid content. Level my druid to 80 and begin tanking ICC on my warrior. I have to think of some more, or make some.

Tell us a story or a (funny) joke!
"Trizz: I wanna fuck!!"


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