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Application - Athanasìos

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Application - Athanasìos  Empty Application - Athanasìos

Post  Athan Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:00 am

Name, race, class and level of your main character.
Beleaguer, Orc, Warrior, 85. He's my main, but it's not the char i'm applying with. The char i'm applying with is Athanasíos, who's a lvl 85 Undead Death Knight. I prefer to dps as frost, but i have no issues tanking either, except i'm a little tired of it Razz

Real life age 18+.
17, my eighteenth birthday is due in less than 2 months. When i was first told to apply, i wasn't told you guys were 18+, but since i was here anyway i decided to give it a shot.

WoW Experience (how long you have been playing, what content you have seen etc)
I've played since the dawn of time... eh, i mean, vanilla. I can't rememeber if it's been 7 or 8 years now, but it's been too long Razz
I did a little bit of raiding in vanilla, such as MC, i did the whole thng in TBC, from Kara to Sunwell, and in WotLK i rhad a break just after my guild had cleared Ulduar. Here in Cata i've done 3 (attempted Razz?) bosses in DS Normal and very little Firelands. I moved to this server to play with a friend, but the guild we were in fell apart and no raiding ended up getting done, so Cata has been a bit of a quiet episode for me so far.

Availability (roughly how much you play each week, most important if you keep very strange hours)
I'm available all days a week, as long as i know just slightly in advance when the raids are. My work allows me to schedule my work 1-3 weeks before, and sometimes i'm going to have some odd worknights, but i will do my best for it not to interfere with raid times, as long as i know it in advance.
I'm a bit ashamed to admit i can't remember his name, but the fella i spoke to yesterday (10-01) told me you guys schedule your raids a week or so before, which is one of the main reasons i'm applying here, since very few guilds plan so far ahead Smile

Do you know anyone in the guild? Who and how?
No one and none at all Razz I recently moved to this server 4 or so months ago, and i hardly know anyone on the server outside the few guilds i've been in.

Why do you want to join?
First of all, i'd like to join because you guys seem to have a nice atmosphere, secondly, because the raids are planned ahead.

What's your favorite WoW moment that you have come across?
After my guild in TBC had finally got to Illidan in (Twice!) BT, and after countless wipes over the course of 2 weeks, we finally downed him. That was great! Still something i remember, the nerdscreams and the pure ecstatic people who could go on and on in vent, about how we had done everything in the encounter right and so on Razz

Something about yourself in general. (Personality, interests, spectacular stuff you have done or whatever you feel would be interesting)
WoW Goals. (if you have specific plans/aims in the game)

Is hating to describe yourself a personality trait? Oh well...
I'm pretty easy-going and openminded by heart, and i prefer to live by the "If you've got nothing good to say, stfu" as much as i can (Can't say i always succeed, lol), i've never had any problems fitting in amongst guilds who's members already have a long story, as i quite quickly catch on to the mood and how things work.
As a bit of a hobby i play Guitar, call it a passion if you want, sometimes 5 hours a day, sometimes 1 hour and i enjoy reading lots and lots of fantasy novels and drifting off into worlds that don't exist :p Spectacular stuff? I once won A regionwide Chess Tournament, does it count? :3 Don't think i've done anything spectacular (Yet!)
My wow goals are to complete PvE Endgame content, i don't care much for PvP alltogether to be honest.
I used to raid hardcore in TBC and i kind of endured the guild i was in, cause' hardcore guilds have a tendency to have idiots (Just my experience), and if i could try Endgame content with people are nice? Win-Win Razz

Tell us a story or a (funny) joke!
(This one if for the oldschool) My pals and i would pug MC during Vanilla, and everytime we cleared Golemagg, we'd tell people they could see Ragnaros if they looked in the mirror behind Golemagg. And everytime quite a few rookies would check the mirror and meet fiery death. Good times Cool

Note: Yes, my Death Knight's gear is Le Crap, but that will soon change Razz I have a lot of time on my hands these next days, so that's what i'll be working on.


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Application - Athanasìos  Empty Re: Application - Athanasìos

Post  Amourus Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:40 am

Hey there, thanks for your application. We will try and contact you ingame for a chat.

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