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Blackwing descent - Maloriak tactics Empty Blackwing descent - Maloriak tactics

Post  Dugnar on Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:41 pm

Maloriak Tactics Basics:
The Maloriak Tactics consist of two phases. The first phase continues until Maloriak drops down to 20%, and it's main difficulty is handling the adds Maloriak spawns correctly.
If phase 1 is done correctly, then phase 2 is a matter of a DPS race and has a straight forward tactic.

Maloriak main abilities:
Phase 1 Abilities:
Arcane storm:
Massive raid wide damage. Can, and should be interrupted each time.

Adds Summoning:
Maloriak will summon 18 Abberations (in groups of 3 at a time), that need to be Off Tanked away from the boss, as they buff him and debuff players near them.
The more adds alive, the less damage they take and the more damage they do.

Note: It IS possible to interrupt the summoning, but it's not advisable (read phase 2 below).

Alchemy Vials:
Being an alchemist, Maloriak will throw vials into a Cauldron, each of a different color, and a different effect. The colors are Red, Blue, and Green. He will rotate threw them, with the green Vial always being last. So a single rotation will always be on of the two:

Red Vial:
Maloriak will use come shaped breath attack in front of him. The damage will be split between the number of victims taking it, so you want to stack your raid for this one.

Blue Vial:
Maloriak freeze a player in an Iceblock, along with anyone near that player, similar to the way Sindragosa does. That Iceblock will need to be broken ASAP (they do AoE damage when breaking, so spread out and be careful).

Green Vial:
Maloriak gains the Remedy buff that heals him and regenerates mana (can be dispelled, and spellstolen). In addition everything (including adds) is covered in acid slime that increases damage taken by 100%. This acid also wipes out the Adds buff, allowing for you to kill them easily.

Phase 2 abilities (When Maloriak drops below 20% health):
Beside "ordinary" AOE and random damage attacks that just need to be healed, Maloriak has:

Adds Summoning:
Maloriak will summon all the adds he didn't get to summon at phase 1 (in case you interrupted the casting) to a total of 18 adds, plus 2 bigger adds. With all the massive damage you're going to take, you want to get to this phase with no "leftover" adds from phase 1.

Magma Jets
Maloriak will shoot a magma jet in a cone in front of him that will also leave a patch of hot magma on the ground (Line shape AOE).
Stay tuned for detailed information onMaloriak abilities when this raid instance hits PTR.

Maloriak Tactics step by step:
Maloriak Tactics Step 1
Assign a ranged player or two to kill Iceblocks.

Maloriak Tactics Step 2
Assign 2-3 Off Tanks for adds (in 10 player mode you may not have that many Off Tanks, continue reading below for alternatives).
Have the main tank pull Maloriak.

Maloriak Tactics Step 3
Interrupt Arcane storms.

Maloriak Tactics Step 4
Maloriak will start summoning adds. Have the offtank pull them away from the boss, and have DPS ignore them for the moment. If you lack tanks or you tanks get overwhelmed by the adds (should be around 9 adds) you can assign DPS to single target kill the first 3, but that might push you to the enrage timer of 6 min for lack of DPS on the boss.
Alternatively you can assign players to help the Off Tank kite the adds (they can be snared) until the green Vial is used.

Maloriak Tactics Step 5
When Maloriak uses red Vial, quickly clump your raid in front of him to split the breath damage between as many players as possible, and then scatter the raid again.

Maloriak Tactics Step 6
When Maloriak uses blue Vial, quickly scatter your raid to avoid players getting trapped in IceBlocks. The assigned player to killing them should do so ASAP.
If the Iceblock lands on the Off Tank, you may want to AOE the iceblock, because it will be hard to target it.

Maloriak Tactics Step 7
When Maloriak uses green Vial Have a mage Spell steal remedy, if no mage is present have the spell dispelled or purged.
Have the DPS switch to the adds and AOE them down as long as the green vial effect is active.

Maloriak Tactics Step 8
At 20% health Maloriak will start phase 2.
Make sure he faces away from the raid for when he casts a Magma Jets, and keep moving him in a circle around the room to get away from burning AOEs on the ground.

Maloriak Tactics Step 9
Have an Offtank pick up the 2 big adds summon summoned. They need to be taunted back to the tank whenever they try to pick a new target (happened every few seconds).

Maloriak Tactics Step 10
Maloriak spreads crystals all over the room that will knock you into the fire.
Avoid them.

Maloriak Tactics Step 11
Burn all Cooldowns you have and finish him off, this is a DPS race. I will update this section with a step by step tactic to kill Maloriak.


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Blackwing descent - Maloriak tactics Empty Re: Blackwing descent - Maloriak tactics

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Blackwing descent - Maloriak tactics Empty Re: Blackwing descent - Maloriak tactics

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Looks good let's kill Maloriak next.

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Blackwing descent - Maloriak tactics Empty Re: Blackwing descent - Maloriak tactics

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