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Old guy reapplying (ACCEPTED)

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Old guy reapplying (ACCEPTED) Empty Old guy reapplying (ACCEPTED)

Post  Akhiryth Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:45 am

Name, race, class and level of your main character. Kaíl, Blood Elf, Paladin, 85.

Real life age: 18+ I'm going to turn 19 in the summer guys, whoo-hoo!

WoW Experience. Most of the raiding I ever did was with you guys in WoTLK, I did manage to down LK on the Alliance side just shortly before Cataclysm came out, though. I've been around since Vanilla. So I know pretty much everything, along with the new dungeons. Haven't done any Cata raiding yet, though.

Availability. I'm on when I can. Usually from 6 pm to 1 am. Weekends and days off earlier of course.
Do you know anyone in the guild? Well, I know most of you people. Don't know how much the setup has changed since I left.

Why do you want to join? I recently came back to World of Warcraft and I miss you guys.
What previous guild(s) have you been a member of? I've been with the Double Edge of course, along side with Blackmist Brigade on the alliance side. I left Double Edge, well, I left WoW entirely when I did. I just needed a break, the game was controlling my life.

What's your favourite WoW moment that you have come across? To be honest, my fondest memories is with the Double Edge clearing Ice Crown Citadel.

Tell us something about yourself in general. I'm about to graduate to become a practical nurse. I love video games, I love hanging around with my friends. I enjoy World of Warcraft. I am a rather chilled out guy, at least I like to think of my self as such, as well as well mannered and polite.

WoW Goals. Just enjoying the game is my main priority, that was best achieved with the Double Edge before I left WoW, so I decided I should drop this application off.

Funny story eh? There was once a guild leader named Poe, one day he woke up and found one hundred fishes waiting in his mailbox.

PS. If you do not accept me in again, no hard feelings, I understand.


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Old guy reapplying (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Old guy reapplying (ACCEPTED)

Post  Kala Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:25 am

Hey Kail. Your accepted. Please look up one of the officers ingame for you invite.

Welcome back.

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