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Guild Application - Itzamna

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Guild Application - Itzamna Empty Guild Application - Itzamna

Post  Itzamna Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:07 am

Name, race, class and level of your main character.
Itzamna, 85 Troll Shaman (Resto/Elemental).

Real life age

WoW Experience (how long you have been playing, what content you have seen etc)
I've technically been playing since late-BC/early-Wrath, about 3-4 years on and off. However, Itzamna has only been around for about 1 year and is my first max-level character, who only dinged 85 in September. That said, I love exploring the world and I'm highly enthusiastic to see my first raid-tier content!

Availability (roughly how much you play each week, most important if you keep very strange hours)
On days where I play WoW I'm usually on for about 4-8 hours depending on my goals. I'm currently available most of the time but IRL I am looking for work so my available hours may change significantly. I don't envision myself being unable to raid in the evenings, though!

Do you know anyone in the guild? Who and how?
I don't know any of you guys and girls...yet!

Why do you want to join?
Recently, I have been frustrated by my old guild whose playerbase has been slowly whittled away to nothing since our old Guild Leader (who was excellent) left us for other prospects. The guild never raids any more, the social aspect has virtually evaporated and I just do not see my future there. I want a guild where there's an active and fun atmosphere, and raids and other events are available regularly.

What's your favorite WoW moment that you have come across?
I love big story moments in the game, and a few of my favourites would have to be: The Wrathgate, venturing around Azeroth to put Thrall back together and the big moments in the Undead questing line such as when [REDACTED] dies and then is [SPOILERS]. Most of all, though, I love that feeling you get when you enter a new zone, ready to uncover all the secrets that await and challenge any big bad bunch of teeth that stands in your way!

What previous guild(s) have you been a member of? Why did you leave?
I am currently with the <Templars of Quel'Thanas>, though sadly, as stated above, the stepping down of our leader led to the guild collapsing in on itself.

Something about yourself in general. (Personality, interests, spectacular stuff you have done or whatever you feel would be interesting)
I am currently looking for a job in the video games industry and do a lot of relevant research in my free time.
I'm a kidney transplantee, my mum was the donor!
I own an Xbox 360 and a Wii, and my favourite console game is Bayonetta.
I love philosophical problems, word games, and all things pedantic and trivial.
I've been a guild officer in the past in games other than WoW and I love to help out fellow guildies and work as a part of a team, which is what really appeals to me as a prospective raider (and as a healer!)

WoW Goals. (if you have specific plans/aims in the game)
My main WoW goal at the moment is simply to gear up, get into raiding and experience 10-mans! I'd also rather like to be there when Deathwing is killed (and it's still relevant content) but that's really just a part of the first goal.
I also have a few alts which I'm keen on getting to max level at some point - an Undead Priest (30), a Blood Elf Mage(20), A Goblin Rogue (20) and a Dwarf Pally (60).

Tell us a story or a (funny) joke!
A man walks into a bar. Ouch!


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Guild Application - Itzamna Empty Re: Guild Application - Itzamna

Post  Poe Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:34 pm

Hey there, thanks for your application. We will try and contact you ingame for a chat.
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